Money transfers to payment cards "VISA"!

The ANELIK payment system provides instant money transfers realized with the International Payment system VISA according to project VISA Direct!

Transfers to the payment card -is the easiest and fast way of receiving money, without leaving the house.

Only the ANELIK system provides this service as per direct integration decision with VISA.

How it works?

  • instant replenishment of payment card, without using the card
  • the VISA cardholder receives money directly to the card anywhere in the world
  • money deposits instantly and become available on the card

The service is provided through a network of agents of the Payment System "ANELIK".

For sending money transfer to VISA is important:

  • to know 16 figures of the card
  • Name of the cardholder (embossed on the card)

Addresses of points of system, you can see here.

Main advantages of service:

  • Sending money transfer regardless of the country of finding of the card holder
  • Now you can send money transfer to 200 countries all over the world, without being limited to the list of points of ANELIK system
  • Instant possibility of replenishment to the VISA card of any Bank-issuer **
  • Money transfers to along remote corridors without restrictions
  • Competitive fees for sending transfers by this way
  • Convenience of the recipient: reduction of time for waiting in the bank office or staying in turn

To send money to natives and friends now became simpler. It isn't dependent on their or your location in world, having possibility of instant replenishment of the card or card of other person in any convenient place.

Tariffs for service

Visa International





to 5 000

150 RUR

to 10 000

200 RUR

to 15 000

250 RUR

from 15 001



to 100


to 200


to 335


from 336



to 100


to 250


from 251


Limits of sending/receiving money by the VISA card:

  • For single transaction – no more than 2500 USD
  • During the day – no more than 5 000 USD
  • Within 4 days – no more than 9 000 USD
  • Limit of replenishment of one card in a month – no more than 25 000 USD

It is important to know that transfer of a remittance is carried out in currency of the card. In case when currency of transfer and currency of the VISA card account are different money will be a converting by the rate specified by VISA for the bank of card issuer. It is important to note that if it necessary you can open the card in US dollars to receive money to the card in currency of sending transfer and to save yourself from currency risks.

You can get more information by phone 8-800-100-19-19 (calls by Russia free) or having addressed to the staff of bank.

* VISA International card replenishment is not possible to carry on to VISA cards issuing by banks of the Russian Federation, United States, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Sudan.

* Term of the money deposit to the recipient card account is from a few minutes up to 2 business days, depending on the issuing bank of recipient VISA card as per technical conditions of the bank. The service is provided through a network of agents of the Payment System "ANELIK".

Attention! Only holders of the VISA cards can use this service.