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WebCreds→ANELIK Terminals Locations

Moscow, Str. 9th parkovaya, 39 Khimki, Stroitelya ul, 4B Khimki, Skhodnya md Gornaya st, 26
Moscow, Str. Krasnoproletarskaya 16 Khimki, Zhelezodorojnaya, 18 Khimki, Skhodnya md Mikoyan st., 57
Moscow, Str. Aviamotornaya 39 Khimki, Skhodnya md Kirova st., 3/1 Khimki, Skhodnya md Gorkogo st. 5
Moscow, Velozavodskaya st. d.13 Khimki, Skhodnya md Gorkogo st., 3 Khimki, Skhodnya md Zheleznodorojnaya st., 4
Moscow, Str. Vorotynskaya d.4 Khimki, Ivakino md, 33a Khimki, md Skhodnya Kalinina st. 1
Khimki, Skhodnya md Kirova st. 1 Khimki, Klyazma md, 2B Balashikha, md. Saltykovka, Nosovihinskoe highway, ow. 4
Khimki, Novozavodskaya Street, 4a Khimki, Kalinina street, 1  
Khimki, Uskovo, 47, 1 Khimki, Firsanovka md Rechnaya st.  
Khimki, Skhodnya md Kirov st. 4 Khimki, Skhodnya Pervomaiskaya st., 17  
Khimki, Skhodnya md Kirova st. 1 Khimki, Skhodnya Ovrajnaya St.1a  


148x210mm anelik st2


By virtue of WebCreds→ANELIK terminals and QIWI Wallet making «ANELIK» money transfers is now a lot easier.
  1. Before making a money transfer via WebCreds→ANELIK terminals please register @ or @ QIWI Wallet (
  2. An AnelikCard unique personal number and password will be sent to your email.
  3. After logging into the personal area at the web-site – add several beneficiaries of your money transfers.
  4. Choose the most convenient bank for each beneficiary where to receive a money transfer.
  5. From this point on, after inputting a unique AnelikCard number and password at QIWI Terminals or QIWI Wallet (, a list of your selected beneficiaries will be displayed.
  6. After completing a money transfer via WebCreds→ANELIK terminal you will receive a check and an SMS with transaction code and a call-center number of Anelik.
  7. Pass this information to beneficiary - the code is necessary for a cash pick up.