Money Transfers via Payment Terminals



By virtue of QIWI Payment Terminals and QIWI Wallet making «ANELIK» money transfers is now a lot easier.

There are almost 120 000 QIWI Payment Terminals across Russia that are available for making money transfers 24/7. You can find them everywhere – they are installed in the shopping malls, movie theaters and other public places. They can be easily recognized by the 3 buttons and QIWI logo on the main screen.

Before making a money transfer via QIWI Terminals or QIWI Wallet please register at

An AnelikCard unique personal number and password will be sent to your email. After logging into the personal area at the web-site – add several beneficiaries of your money transfers. Choose the most convenient bank for each beneficiary where to receive a money transfer.

From this point on, after inputting a unique AnelikCard number and password at QIWI Terminals or QIWI Wallet (, a list of your selected beneficiaries will be displayed.

After completing a money transfer via QIWI you will receive a check and an SMS with transaction code and a call-center number of Anelik. Pass this information to beneficiary - the code is necessary for a cash pick up. 

1. On the main screen select «ОПЛАТА УСЛУГ»




3. Your button is «АНЕЛИК».


 4. Enter the unique AnelikCard number and PIN-код assigned



5. Select a Beneficiary of a money transfer and a cash pick-up location from the offered list


6.Enter your mobile phone number, then enter the PIN-code (mobile number - is the number of your QIWI Wallet)


7. Enter the transaction amount. The fee for money transfer is 2,3%, but not less than 50 руб. The amount cannot exceed: 30 000 RUB per day or 5 000 RUB per 1 transaction


 8. Check the inputted data and confirm the transaction 


9. Chose «Оплатить с баланса QIWI Кошелька» (Pay via QIWI Wallet) or «Оплатить наличными» (Pay cash)


10. If you are paying cash - insert bills into the terminal and take a receipt (change will be deposited to your QIWI wallet)


For additional help please contact CB "Anelik RU" customer service @ 8 800 100 19 19

Countries where you can make a money transfer via Anelik / QIWI:

Russia Kyrgyzstan Ukraine
Abkhazia  Latvia Georgia 
Armenia  Moltova Belarus 
Kazakhstan  Tadjikistan 



If you forgot your QIWI Wallet PIN code, send an SMS with the word PIN to 7494. In return you will receive an SMS with a new PIN code. The cost of this service is from 1,5 to 1,7 rub including VAT depending on the mobile operator. Read more about  SMS/USSD-codes @