ANELIK Money Transfer

"ANELIK" System - is an international system of money transfers for individuals, carried out without opening a bank account. The system is successfully operating and developing since January 1997 and is represented in more than 90 countries.

Advantages of "ANELIK" Money Transfer: 

  • Profitable - bank fees are paid by the sender (2% of the amount in rubles and 3% of the transfer in U.S. dollars or Euros). Cash payout is free of charge.
  • Convenient - to send a transfer you do not need to know the details of the recipient's bank, but rather name the country, city and address of the agent location where to send the money, and a full name of the recipient.
  • Fast - a simplified procedure of transfer registration takes a few minutes and will save you time.
  • Secure - absolute reliability and security provided by a special software system with advanced security technologies. Complete confidentiality of your transfer is guaranteed by the law "On Bank Secrecy".

To send a transfer you should: 

  • Find the closest "ANELIK" network agent point;
  • Present your ID to a bank employee;
  • Provide a bank employee with a full name of the recipient and the amount of money transfer;
  • Choose a country, city, and address of the most convenient payout location;
  • Make cash payment and the amount of the commission according to the fees. Bank employee will tell you a unique number assigned by the transfer.

Important! According to the current currency legislation a natural person is entitled to transfer money:

  • in rubles (in Russia): unlimited amount of transfer;
  • foreign currency: individual - non-resident - unlimited amount of transfer; resident - a total amount not exceeding U.S. $ 5000, within one business day.

You must tell the beneficiary: 

  • Address of the bank where the beneficiary should claim for money transfer;
  • Number;
  • Transfer amount.

To collect money, you need to:

  • Get the information from sender:
    • number;
    • transfer amount.
  • Come to the agent location chosen by the sender (during business hours);
  • Present ID to a bank employee;
  • Name the unique code assigned to money transfer;
  • Get your money! Payouts are made without any commission for the beneficiary.

Required documents:

In Russia ID is required when sending and receiving money transfers. Identity documents are:

  • for the citizens of the Russian Federation: Russian passport, seafarer's ID, military ID; temporary ID of the Russian Federation, issued by the authority of the Interior affairs before obtaining a passport;
  • for foreign citizens: passport of a foreign citizen, a document established by federal law or recognized in accordance with the international treaties as an identity document;
  • for refugees: Certificate of considering an application for recognition of refugee status, issued by the diplomatic or consular office of the Russian Federation or the immigration control post or the territorial agency of the federal executive authority for the migration service, refugee certificate;
  • for stateless persons: if they are resident in the territory of the Russian Federation: residence permit in the Russian Federation;
  • for other persons without citizenship: a temporary residence permit, residence permit. Also documents recognized by federal law or in accordance with the international treaties of the Russian Federation as identity documents of a stateless person; document issued by a foreign country and is recognized in accordance with international treaties of the Russian Federation as an identity document of a stateless person.