About us

Service providers

We offer companies that provide services to the population a modern technological solution to collect payments via "ANELIK" Money Transfer System without opening a current account.

A large network of "ANELIK" system’s partner banks worldwide allow:

  • Payments for:
    • consumer services;
    • buying goods online;
    • insurance policies;
    • tickets;
    • etc.
  • Gathering of payments from agents to companies;
  • Payments to your company from individuals for goods and services provided by other companies;
  • Payments of:
    • insurance claims;
    • prizes;
    • other funds not related to business activities, and other types of payments.

The advantages of our system:

  • Walking distance to our services for the client;
  • Extensive experience implementing various technologies for receiving and accounting payments;
  • On-line payment confirmation;

Your benefits:

  • You receive an impressive network of payment acceptance outlets;
  • Broad geography of the system will enable your customers to quickly and easily pay for services;
  • Increase in business volumes;
  • Real time information about the payments;
  • Cash to your account is delivered strictly on the day stated in a contract, guaranteed.