About us

About the Bank

Commercial Bank "Anelik RU" (Limited Liability Company) was based on the JSC "Bank Anelik" (Yerevan, Armenia) Moscow branch that was registered in 1990 and began to operate in January 1992.

On December 4, 2003 a branch was incorporated into a Commercial Bank. All rights and duties were transferred to the Commercial Bank "Anelik RU" (Limited Liability Company). The Bank was allowed to engage in all types of banking activities in the Russian Federation on the basis of license number 3443 from December 4, 2003. In the summer of 2012 CB "Anelik RU" got a new license number 3443, dated 16 July 2012. January 20, 2005 CB "Anelik RU" was included in the register of banks participating in the deposit insurance system under the number 481. On June 18, 2009 JSC "Bank Anelik" (Yerevan, Armenia) became a subsidiary of Credit Bank S.A.L. (Lebanon). Thus, the ultimate owner of CB "Anelik RU" became Credit Bank S.A.L. (Lebanon). The decision of 1996 to enter the money transfers market resulted in the creation of the first Russian money transfer system "ANELIK". Since then, remittances have long been the main activity of CB "Anelik RU".

About the "ANELIK" payment system

"ANELIK" Payment System – is an international money transfer system for individuals who wish to send money without opening a bank account to their relatives and friends for such purposes as: financial assistance, education, medical treatment, current expenses and so on. The system works through the correspondent accounts of banks, based on mutual agreements with the Clearing Center - CB "Anelik RU" (Moscow, Russia), which provides full IT support and ensures the delivery of information and settlement between the parties. CB "Anelik RU" uses modern methods of business organization and the best achievements of information technology to provide a solid technical base.

"ANELIK" System is one of the founders of the money transfer market. During 16 years of operation the system was able to build a perfect relationship model between the system and the client. Our motto is: “Our client is not just a transaction number”. This approach stimulates continuous improvement of relationship mechanisms with both individuals and partners, taking into account the needs of each and everyone, instead of a cookbook approach.

The development of "ANELIK" System is caused by a highly professional quality of work, the constant expansion of agent network, and a well thought-out strategy that corresponds to the realities of the retail banking services market.

The largest banks of the Russian Federation as well as the leading banks of the CIS and Baltic countries choose to carry out money transfers through "ANELIK" System. The "ANELIK" agent network includes payout locations in Eastern Europe (Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Albania, Greece), Western Europe (UK, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark). A dynamic cooperation with the National Postal Services in the CIS and Eastern Europe is established.

Overall, "ANELIK" System combines 65,000 outlets in over 90 countries, and more than 500 partners in these countries are current members of the system.

In the past few years, the system "ANELIK" has significantly expanded its geography. We’ve opened gates for remittances in Asia (China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia), Middle East, Africa (Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Togo, Senegal, Cote d'Ivoire, Morocco, Gabon, Gambia, Mali, Benin, Burkina Faso, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo). We also have a great network in North America.

Every year “ANELIK” System rapidly increases the number of partners and agent locations worldwide.     

The goals and objectives of the system are based on the principles of transparency, competitiveness, security, solvency, profitability.